Data Breach Alert: Sprint Customer Accounts Have Been Breached by Hackers


While it is unknown how many customers have been affected, Sprint has confirmed that a data breach occurred on June 22. The company announced that customer names, billing addresses, phone numbers, subscriber IDs, account numbers, device types, device IDs, monthly charges, account creation dates, upgrade eligibility, and any add-on services were likely to have been affected. However, Sprint noted that no other information was acquired that would lead to identity theft. In May, Sprint’s Boost Mobile website had a breach when hackers used Boost PIN codes and phone numbers to access Sprint customer accounts.

What This Means

When a site is breached, your personal information can be accessed by hackers and can be made publicly available on the internet. Any information of a person has a chance to be exposed, no matter how secure the site can be.

What You Should Do

Change all your passwords periodically, check your credit card and bank statements consistently, and use a credit monitoring service. To keep yourself safe use these precautionary steps and follow us on social media for future data breach alerts.

Stay Informed:

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