Data Breach Alert: Poshmark Customer Accounts Acquired by a Third Party


Poshmark has announced that user data has been acquired by an unauthorized third party. While the company states no financial, physical address information, or passwords were affected, they recommend users change their passwords. Data that may have been affected includes a person’s username, first and last name, gender, city, email address, user ID, size preference, social media profile information, and internal Poshmark preferences.

What This Means

When a site is breached, your personal information can be accessed by hackers and can be made publicly available on the internet. Any information of a person has a chance to be exposed, no matter how secure the site can be.

What You Should Do

Change all your passwords periodically, check your credit card and bank statements consistently, and use a credit monitoring service. To keep yourself safe use these precautionary steps and follow us on social media for future data breach alerts.

Stay Informed:

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