Test Your Identity Theft Awareness

Can You Pass This Identity Theft Awareness Test?

If you can put a check mark next to each of these statements, you’re well on your way to identity theft awareness!

Read the statements below, and put a check mark next to the ones that apply to you.

o   I have antivirus and firewall protection on my computer, and keep all security updates current.

o   I don’t share my vacation or personal plans with everyone on social media.

o   I don’t show my full birthdate on social networking sites.

o   I don’t leave my mail for pickup, and retrieve my mail as soon as possible to deter mailbox thieves.

o   I use a micro-precision shredder for all my financial and personal documents before disposing of them.

o   I shred all pre-approved credit offers I receive in the mail before disposing of them.

o   I don’t keep my Social Security card or other cards with personal information in my wallet.

o   I don’t write my Social Security number on checks, or on forms where a Social Security number isn’t necessary.

o   I check the validity of site certifications before sending sensitive information over the Internet.

o   I cover the keypad when making transactions at an ATM, and make sure there aren’t any skimming devices near the credit card slot. I also check credit card devices when purchasing gas, groceries, or parking.

o   I check my Credit Report at least once every 3 months.

Don’t worry if you didn’t check all the circles. Just be aware of all the ways identity thieves can steal your information, and practice good identity theft awareness habits.