Protecting Your Child from Identity Theft While on Vacation

Protecting Your Child from Identity Theft While on Vacation
A vacation is something that most families dream about all year long; it's the perfect time to spend time together and unwind for a few days. However, family fun can quickly turn into a disaster if you aren't properly safeguarding your youngest family members -- your children -- from identity theft.
Children are actually some of the easiest targets for identity theft due to the fact that, typically, they won't have any need for their financial information until they become of legal age. This makes it easier for identity thieves to get away with opening new accounts and such unnoticed.
Vacations, especially if children are traveling away from their parents, make it even easier for identity thieves to garner the important information they need, as many travel documents can contain confidential information.
Here are a few ways you can help protect your child's identity from fraudsters:
·         Store important documents in a safe, secure place. Make sure you are wary about giving out your child's birth certificate, social security card, etc. as these are primary identification documents for children.
·         Keep your computer protected. Make sure your family computer has antivirus software that helps secure yourself from online ID theft. Also, make sure your children are aware of the security risks of giving out their information online or in person.
·         Check your credit regularly. Checking your credit report from Equifax, Experian or TransUnion is key to safeguarding yourself against identity theft. There are services available that can monitor your child’s social security number and other information for signs of potential identity theft.
Another way to consider protecting your child from becoming a victim would be an identity theft protection program.  In case of any potential issues, you will have the guidance and care to help keep your child protected.