Protect Your Child’s Identity During Spring Break Trip

Protect Your Child’s Identity During Spring Break Trip

This time of year means Spring Break for college students across the country – a break from studies, lectures and research projects. They can relax and spend time with friends perhaps somewhere warmer, such as the beach.  And while your college student is thoroughly enjoying him or herself this week, as a parent, you’re likely a worried mess the entire time.

Spring break to parents often means extra worry about their children. And as if a week of concern about their physical safety and well-being wasn’t enough, there’s the added fear of your child falling victim to identity theft. 

Your young adult may not make the best financial decisions on a spring break trip -- carelessly using a credit card, not keeping track of their expenses and even worse, and not keeping close tabs on their purse/wallet, credit cards and other personal information.

Vacationers of any type are at an increased risk of identity theft; take into account a young person’s naivety, inattentiveness and tendency to lack caution (especially around peers), and your student may be at an even further increased risk of falling victim to identity theft.

Credit monitoring services can alert you and your child to suspicious activity (like newly opened credit accounts or other lines of credit). Credit monitoring scans your credit information at each of the bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, Equifax) for changes you may (or may not) be aware of.  This could provide you an early warning on certain potential identity theft and fraud. If an issue is found, you would be able to take action immediately.
Identity theft services can provide further protection in the form of insurance, identity restoration, a support hotline, and more (including computer security, which could be especially critical in countries or areas with lower network security standards). 

Whether home or on vacation, it’s always good practice to think about the best ways to protect against fraud and identity theft. Ensuring your children are well informed on these matters can help in making their vacation a great one!