Your Credit Score and Dating?

It was brought to our attention in an article posted last week, that there is a new popular criterion in selecting a partner: your credit score.   It appears that more and more people are cautious of a mate’s financial background, and what kind of financial “baggage” that potential mate could bring to the table. 

What better indicator of your financial well-being than your credit score? And let’s not forget – you actually have 3 credit scores – one from each of the national credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion).

Apparently this new criteria has warranted the creation of dating websites such as and that cater specifically to matching daters based on credit score.  

While the importance of having a good credit score in order to achieve financial goals and aspirations has been understood, it now seems that we should also be stressing the impact a good credit score can have on your social and dating life.  A good score might be a more important quality to some than any physical attribute listed on a dating website.  Forget the days of tall, brunette, intelligent, blue eyes.    Instead, you may have to start thinking in terms of 750+credit score, no debt, and pays bills on time. 

With the rise of this new dating phenomenon, you should check your 3 credit scores today!  See if your score could land you your dream date!