It's My Lucky Day

If you were to comb through my e-mails today, you'd see that it's been a very lucky day.

  • First, a widow I don't know told me that she wants me to be the beneficiary of a $3.5 million lump sum. She asks that I donate most of it to charity, but I can keep whatever I deem as fair. All I have to do is send her my bank account info so she can make the deposit. 
  • Next, a SECOND widow I don't know sent me a note that she's about to pass away, but that she has $40 million she's willing to deposit into my bank account. Like the first widow, she is asking me to donate the money to charity, but to keep whatever I see fit. All I have to do is send HER my bank account info for her to make the deposit. 
  • Also, apparently during the Olympics, my e-mail address was entered into a competition sponsored by a British Company. Guess what... I WON!!!!! And now, all I have to do is supply my bank account information, and this company will simply deposit $750,000 into my account. 
  • Finally, some company asked me to send them $95 as an advance (for... um, something?), and they said that they will send me $5,000 per day via Western Union, for the next 104 business days. 
It's over $44 million dollars, just for getting online this morning*. 

I'm retiring. Today. 

Look, it's pretty obvious from reading these that they are scams, and since you're on the PrivacyGuard website, we expect that these aren't something you'll fall for (you know it's important to protect yourself). 

However, there's a reason that these e-mail continue to be sent, and that's because people actually DO fall for these. To end National Protect Your Identity Week, just a gentle reminder... Don't be silly. 

*Today was a $44 million day in spam, but it doesn't hold a candle to yesterday. Yesterday was actually a $2.2 BILLION day for me... and all I had to do was send my bank account info, along with my SSN, to the world's 2nd richest woman. 

Posted by Mike