Summer Travels

One of my favorite tips for preventing ID Theft has to do with what you posted on social media, and how not everyone who is your "friend" online is actually a friend in real life.

As we're entering the summer, and folks are preparing to travel, please remember this tip. Over the past few weeks, I've seen dozens of folks saying things like:

  • I'm going to Boston for the next 10 days (said by a New Yorker)
  • So excited, I just booked my flight to California and am leaving on July XX (said by someone in Philadelphia). 
  • Look out London, here I come!

If you don't know everyone you're sharing this information with (and we are guessing there's a good chance you don't), you might just be telling a thief that your house will be empty, and unprotected, for whatever number of days.

Rather than posting a preview of your trip, you can always post a recap when you get back.

Safe travels this summer.

Posted by Mike