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More Password Tips

We routinely post about how important it is to have a strong password.  This recent article gives even more tips on how to prevent hackers from discovering your password.  Some tips are:

  • Don’t pick words that show up in the Dictionary
  • Never use the same Password for multiple sites
  • Consider using a Passphrase- a longer phrase instead of just a word
  • Use multiple browsers when surfing the web

Remember when the biggest cost associated with gaming was the cost of a game?

Video game companies have been under assault, with multiple networks being attacked by hackers looking to gain access to gamers' personal information. (I'm old enough to remember when the biggest cost of player a video game was actually going to a toy store to buy it, and it was usually around $40-$50).

People don't necessarily think of their online gaming accounts as a hub of personal information, but let’s briefly consider the information that a gamer stores there:

• Name
• E-mail
• User Name (online handle)
• Password

That's a lot of information in and of itself, and thieves gaining access to it can have a substantial impact.
For example, we believe that a majority of consumers don't use different password for many of the sites they interact with. Ask yourself this: How many sites do you log in to with the same e-mail/password combination?

• Social networking sites?
• Banking sites?
• Online retailers?

In addition, think of the other information stored in your online gaming account:

• Credit Card Information?
• Date of Birth?
• Address (to verify credit card)?

When you add it up, it's an awful lot of information that a thief can go after, and it's why we believe that gaming destinations have been such a target lately.

Posted by Mike

Pass the Word

In April, Darragh discussed what Phishing is, and a couple of things that you can do to protect yourself. Well now, with GMail being hacked, it seems like a good idea to bring that up again, as a refresher, as well as to point out a great article in the Wall Street Journal about how to protect your Gmail account.

One of their tips is to use a "strong password." It's a tip that's been given in hundreds of locations, but what exactly does that mean? Well, a strong password is generally more than 12 characters, and uses capitalization, numbers and symbols. It also shouldn't be something that's connected to your life (for example, your dog's name).

Using strong passwords should be your normal course of action for every site you log in to, as should using a different password for every site you log in to. I suspect that a majority of people don’t do this.

Posted by Mike