Make Sure the Leaves Are the Only Things Falling this Autumn Season

The fall season is now upon us.  As the leaves begin to change and fall, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make sure that your credit score isn’t changing and falling too! 

 Let’s recap what a credit score is.  Your score is a numerical reflection of your total credit picture. Credit scoring companies use formulas to derive your scores based on the information in your credit files at the three major national credit reporting agencies - Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

 Let’s also recap why having a good credit score is important.  Many institutions including banks, credit card companies, cell phone providers, mortgage lenders and even some insurance companies are likely to view at least one of your credit scores.  In order to get the best rates on a loan, or to qualify for a credit card- you will want to have a good credit score.

 At PrivacyGuard we encourage you to know where your credit stands this fall! 

With a New iPhone...

Comes the potential for identity theft.

Today, folks will be at their keyboards ready to purchase the new iPhone from Apple.

Just a quick reminder: if you're going to be trading or selling (or even recycling or throwing away) an old phone in the near future, make sure you wipe all of the data off of the phone you're getting rid of.

Wrapping Up National Payroll Week

Just a reminder that today marks the official end of National Payroll Week.

While it's great to celebrate "The Paycheck" (who doesn't love getting paid?), it's important to also realize that Payroll and Tax ID Theft are a HUGE number of ID Theft related crimes each year. In fact, it was one of the most common forms of ID Theft in 2012.

Frank Abagnale Speaks at U.S. Bank sponsored seminar

Frank Abagnale is considered one of the world's most respected authorities on credit fraud, identity theft, and credit protection.  He has been associated with the FBI for over 35 years and lectures extensively at the FBI Academy and for the field offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  He also has been a consultant for and user of PrivacyGuard for over two decades.

 Last week, Mr. Abagnale spoke at a U.S. Bank-sponsored seminar at the Nashville Airport Marriott hotel.  An article written for The Tennessean recaps Frank’s commentary at the engagement. 

 Mr. Abagnale makes the point that it is much easier to commit crime today with all of the advancement in technology.  Forty years ago it was very difficult for him to forge a check at a printing press, and now all someone would need is a laptop. 

 Technology makes it very easy for people to commit crimes, including identity theft.

Here at PrivacyGuard, we understand how easy it can be for someone’s identity to be stolen.  That is why we encourage you to take proactive measures to protect yourself from identity thieves, and to register for ongoing credit monitoring in our service.  Our ongoing credit monitoring can alert you to suspicious activity in your account, which could be a sign of a larger concern. 

 Also check out our Top Ten Tips from Frank for more ways to prevent identity theft!
Posted by Katie