"Sort Of An ID Theft Victim"

Credit.com wrote an interesting article last week asking “Can You Be ‘Sort Of’ An ID Theft Victim?”  According to the article, even if an identity thief isn’t using your information to negatively impact your credit report and scores, they can still be using your information to avoid being reached by creditors. 

 This might be a lesser form of Identity Theft, but it still poses a huge time consuming headache for the victim. 

University Data Breaches

We previously did a series of blog posts with tips on how college students can protect their identity.  See Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5 of the series. 

Within the past month, several Universities have faced serious data breaches leaving their students susceptible to Identity Theft. 

UNC-Charlotte faced a breach, as well as The University of Maine. 

Look back at our College Tip series to learn what college students should look for in case their identity is compromised in a data breach!

Even in Death, ID Theft can Haunt its Victims

It used to be said that the only sure things in life were death and taxes. 

We've covered the ways in which ID Theft can happen at tax time, but surely, the other inevitability makes one impervious to ID Theft, doesn't it?

The short answer is "no, it doesn't."

Recent research indicates that more than once every minute, thieves use the personal information of someone who has passed away to their advantage. (The link includes some great tips for protecting yourself if you've lost a loved one). 

Posted by Mike

Protect Your Child's Identity

Not only is protecting your credit important, but protecting your family’s credit is essential as well.  CreditCards.com posted an interesting article this week about protecting your child’s identity.   As a parent, it is worth noting the potential identity theft risks that can affect your child.  

An article published May 2nd, describes a Utah mother’s struggle with identity thieves after their possession of her son’s social security number.  Don’t find yourself in this same situation!  Start taking steps to secure your child’s identity and future credit.  Here is a list of ID theft tips to get you started.  We will continue to post tips and tricks on keeping a secure identity- so check back!

Posted by Katie